Apple Juice Spray

Use a spray bottle filled with apple juice to spritz ribs while on the grill.

Mother’s Day – clean

First cookout of the year? Remember to give the grill and grates a good cleaning beforehand.

No rest for the wicked

Unlike most meats, wings are great right off the grill, no rest necessary.

Thermometer for safety

A good instant-read meat thermometer is essential to monitoring internal temperatures for your turkey. It’s an investment well worth the money for both ensuring food safety and to keep your bird from overcooking.

Don’t Peek — Whole Turkey

While it’s cooking, you may want to show off your turkey masterpiece. Resist the temptation. Lift the lid only when you are adding coals. Every time you lift the lid, you lose valuable heat, which means a longer cooking time, more coals, a greater chance of overcooking, and impatient guests at dinnertime.

Pitmaster fillets

Pitmaster Secret: For thick fillets, cook it as long as possible on the skin side, then flip it.

Chip Clips

People use clamps or chip clips to seal the top of their open bag of Kingsford® Match Light® Charcoal to help keep the lighter fluid solvent from evaporating.

Bricks – charcoal

For higher-heat searing, you can place bricks in the bottom of your grill to move the charcoal grate closer to the food.

Keep It Together

The larger the fillet, the more moisture it retains throughout the cooking process. So, grill whole fillets first, then cut them into smaller serving portions when they’re done.

Thick Fillets

For thick fillets, cook it as long as possible on the skin side to let the skin get crispy and release from the grates, then flip it.